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Computer, Printing , and Technology Information


Printing Costs
Patron Type B&W Rate Color Rate
Catawba Affiliated1 page deducted from the user's print quota2 pages deducted from the user's print quota
Unaffiliated10 cents per sideUnavailable


Copying Costs
Patron Type B&W Rate Color Rate
Catawba Affiliated10 cents per side charged to the user's general account35 cents per side charged to the user's general account
Unaffiliated10 cents per side35 cents per side


Catawba affiliated patrons may scan documents using the photocopier across from the circulation desk free of charge. Due to network configurations, however, scanning is only available to Catawba affiliated users. Instructions for scanning can be found on the wall behind the photocopier.


Faxing services are only available for Catawba affiliated patrons.

Fax Costs
Fax Type Basic Rate Additional Costs
Local Fax$1.00 per fax, up to 10 pages20 cents per additional page
International Fax$3.00 per page, up to 3 pages - maximum


The library's information commons areas contain 27 computer stations. Priority access to the computers are given to Catawba affiliated users. The library's electronic information resources are to be used in a manner consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which they are intended. All users are subject to the library's computer usage policy.

The Library's Computer Usage Policy

  • All users must agree to and abide by the Catawba College Computer Resources Acceptable Uses Policy
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult who will assume full responsibility for determining appropriate Internet usage.
  • Internet access may not be used for any commerical purpose.
  • Depending upon Catawba affiliated user demand, access to computers may be limited.
  • Sending or displaying obscene or disruptive messages, files or images are not allowed.
  • Circumventing system access controls is prohibited.
  • Unaffiliated patrons are limited to 30 minutes of computer usage per day.
  • Unaffiliated patrons are required to use one of the two public access computers nearest the circulation desk
  • Copyright laws apply to materials obtained via the Internet.
  • Due to the limited number of computers, the public computers are not to be used to access games.

Failure to observe stated rules may result in the suspension of computer privileges.

The library reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.

Updated 11/06/2013