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CLB Library / About the Library / Library Spaces and Room Reservations

Library Spaces and Room Reservations

The library has a number of spaces that may be used by patrons. These spaces include six study rooms, the Wentz Reading Room and the Goodman Mezzanine Area. To make or check a reservation, please follow the instructions below, and be sure to read the Room Reservation Policy

Checking and Marking Reservations

Catawba affiliated patrons may check library room reservations on the online campus calendar to see current reservations and may request a room reservation online or by contacting Steve McKinzie.

Unaffiliated patrons and groups may reserve spaces pending the approval of Library Director, Steve McKinzie.

Room Reservation Policies

  • Library faculty and staff reserve the right to accept or deny any library reservation space request. Open slots on the online calendar does not necessarily mean that the space is available during that time. Approval of all room and space reservations are made at the sole discretion of librarians and library staff.
  • An appropriate sign indicating the date and hours of reservation will be posted by the room or space for all reservations (except those in the Instruction Lab).
  • The library will notify Campus Events of all reservations, and these reservations will be entered into the Campus Calendar.
  • Any off-campus business which wishes to use any library space for business purposes must contact Catawba Conferences.
  • All library patrons may use the library's study rooms on a first-come, first-used basis, however priority will be given to Catawba affiliated patrons.
  • For community borrowers there may be some technical restrictions or limitations on room or space use.