Catawba College Library's Archives

The Catawba College Collection

Catawba College Collection The Library is dedicated to preserving Catawba's heritage by maintaining the College's archival records. The Catawba College collection contains documents and artifacts chronicling the school's founding, growth, and relocation.

While not complete, the collection includes some of the following items:
  • Accounts of college presidential inaugurations
  • Trustee reports
  • Departmental records, programs and publications
  • College catalogs
  • Issues of the school paper
  • Records of early student organizations
  • The Student Handbook
  • Photographs of students enriching the campus community

  • Catawba College Yearbook Archive

    Catawba College Yearbook Archive The Catawba College Library has partnered with the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center to bring the Catawba Community and the world a glimpse into Catawba College's history by digitizing and publishing 81 yearbooks online. The collection contains yearbooks from 1927 until 2010. The yearbook was originally published under the title The Swastika, which was taken from a Native American design found on campus. However the yearbook was rechristened The Sayakini in 1941 as a result of the corruption of the swastika symbol.
    View the Catawba College Yearbook Collection Online


    Due to the intensive nature of archival searches, queries into the contents of the archives must be arranged by appointment. Persons wanting access to archival material may contact Constance Grant.
    General archival queries may be made by contacting 704-637-4448 and asking to speak with an available librarian.