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CLB Library / Find / Government Documents

The Government Documents Collection

"This library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents. Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law. (Title 44 United States Code)"

Federal Documents

The Catawba College Library has been a selective depository for U.S. Government documents since the 1890s.

The library is committed to providing public access to government information, in all available formats, during the library's operating hours. Electronic versions of Federal Documents are accessible via specific government websites. The library provides public access to those documents even though electronic documents are available via the library's online catalog and specific government websites. Access to FDLP Electronic materials is available via public workstations located near the circulation and reference desks on the main floor.

Documents Included in the Collection

The library selects materials from the "Basic Collection" of materials recommended for all depository libraries. In efforts to support the students, faculty, and staff of Catawba College, the library also selects government documents that support the college's curriculum.

Accessing the Documents

Federal documents are primarily located on the Ground floor of the library. Documents are cataloged using the SUDOC (Superintendent of Documents) classification system. Printed documents are located on open shelving, while Microform and Discs are stored in cabinets. A Microform reader/printer is located on site to facilitate the usage of microform documents.

To ensure that the documents within the Government Documents collection remain accessible to all patrons, the documents are not available for check-out from the library. Photocopiers and scanners are available for use at the library and library staff may be able to aid patrons in locating online versions of documents needed.

Where to find Government Documents in the Library

Catalog LocationDescriptionPhysical Location
Government Documents General Print Collection Basement - West side of stacks between steps
Reference Documents Basement - Compact shelves beyond East steps
Government Media and Microform Basement - Hallway near the restrooms
Maps Main Floor - Next to West stairs

Map of Government Document Locations in the Library Basement