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CLB Library / Services for Faculty / Faculty Proxy Card

Faculty Proxy Card

Faculty members may apply for a Proxy Card to be used by students to check out books on behalf of the faculty member. Faculty members interested in a Proxy Card need to

  1. fill out the form below
  2. click the "View Printable Card" button
  3. print the proxy card (use the browser's back button to return)
  4. sign it (no initials)
  5. send or bring it to the Library, where it will be filed

Facutly members (not departments) are personally responsible for any and all materials checked out to Proxies and must agree to pay replacement costs plus the processing fee for all lost materials.

No more than two proxies per faculty member per semester are permitted. Proxies must be currently enrolled students or a current college employee.

Proxy cards are good for one semester or summer school session.

Proxies must provide a Catawba College ID when checking out materials for faculty members.

Faculty members, not Proxies, are responsible for knowing what materials are currently charged to them.

Catawba College Library
Faculty Checkout Proxy Card

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