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CLB Library / Services for Faculty

Services for Faculty

Information Literacy Instruction

The librarians at the CLB Library provide in-class Information Literacy Instruction sessions for Catawba College faculty are upon request. They can be conducted in the library's Instruction Lab, or in a projector equipped class room. These sessions are aimed at educating students on research methods and the resources that are available to them at the library. A detailed handout customized to the needs of each class will also be provided with these sessions.

Instruction sessions can be held on any subject and cover both print and online resources. To schedule an IL session, please contact Steve McKinzie. Please make your arrangements at least two weeks in advance.

Placing Items on Course Reserve

Items, such as books, articles, lecture notes, and audio-visual items may be placed on reserve at the circulation desk by faculty. The reserves are made available to students enrolled within that instructor's course. Items placed on reserve can come from the library's collection or can be the faculty person's personal material. To place items on reserve, please fill out the Course Reserve Request Form and deliver the form along with the items to be placed on reserve to a circulation desk staff member.

If you have any questions about course reserves, please contact Steve McKinzie.